Stunning vintage style and retro clothing. Must-have collectibles. Beautiful, unique vintage wedding dresses.

Auburn Vintage Clothiers carries design classics, quality day and evening dresses and vintage wedding originals. Our curated collection has been carefully sourced, then beautifully presented, and sensibly priced, in our boutique just North of Waterloo, in Conestogo, Ontario.

At Auburn, we endeavour to produce a vintage-inspired 'collection' each season, focusing on design, cut, fabric and print. Our collection is carefully selected for its unique quality and style. Clothing pieces are meticulously restored as required and can be fitted.

Come to Auburn Vintage Clothiers and fall in love with a vintage piece with a story all its own that you can add to your own collection for many years of love.


Party Time A La Vintage!

June 01, 2017

Hello dear Vintage Kindred Spirits! It's a beautiful sunshiny day, and I've been thinking about all the fun gatherings that take place in the warm summer months. It's a time to celebrate and gather together- and is by far the most sociable season. Are you looking for a venue for a fun evening or afternoon with friends? Look no further, because Auburn is the place to be! Since opening the store, I've hosted many private gatherings that include a tailor-made fashion show for guests. Themes have included fun ideas such as 'Vintage Sparkle', 'How to Incorporate Vintage into your Everyday Wardrobe', 'A Walk Down Memory Lane' and 'Vintage Bridal'. Whatever your interest, we can suit your needs! Plus, shopping Vintage...

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Woes of a Vintage Girl

May 19, 2017

I mopped the floors of the shop this morning with a heavy heart, as the construction dust seems to seep through the doors, windows and walls like a silent plague. It's strange- as the door has not opened much this week. I felt the sadness descend- and, with it, if I am to be completely honest- anger. As I lovingly care for my beloved store, one that I have tended to with passion and heart, it feels like the odds are against me. I'm not awfulizing- I'm being honest about the state of mind that so often happens to small business owners when their livelihood is amidst the chaos of construction. Right now, the loneliness that I have often read...

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Beauty Amidst the Mud

May 06, 2017

Happy Weekend! Auburn has now been among the tampers and excavators for a month, and as I write this the rain is pouring down for the third day in a row. Where rain can play havoc on many events and business ventures, it certainly takes the biggest toll on construction sites. As much as the upheaval of construction is sometimes a bit much for my business, I can see how frustrating it can be for a crew to complete their work when the heavens open for days on end. It can't be easy. This morning as I gazed out at the puddles and deep craters in the road in front of the store, I decided to grace the front of...

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Open Sundays

April 21, 2017

Well, it's the end of our second week amidst the excavators and shovels, and it's been an interesting adventure! First of all, a big thanks to all who have come out to the store. Your patience and good humour is much appreciated! You're amazing! Secondly, please make note that there will always be access to the store- the detour doesn't pertain to those frequenting local businesses. The great crew working will direct you as to where the best route to take to the store is as well as where to park. Most importantly, we have changed our hours to better serve our dear Auburn Family.  In addition to our Tuesday to Saturday hours of 11am-5pm, we will also be open...

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