Embrace the Sparkle that is YOU!

Happy June dear Auburn Lovelies!

It has been quite some time since I last wrote to you; life has a way of getting very busy in the Spring leading up to summer. There is always work to be done both inside and out- and we have been working diligently at washing, mending and steaming lovely summer frocks for the season. You must come by and see them!

As I sit here this morning sipping my cup of java, the rain is falling softly outside. I'm feeling rather inspired to write (an occupational pastime for this vintage girl) and thought I would write a little note to you all.

As of late, I have seen many postings by friends and colleagues regarding the subject of worth and worthiness. I feel so sad when I read these postings, as I feel deep in my soul that we have not come far enough yet to realize our true potential in this world. 

So many Clients come into the store and tell me they are looking for a specific item. Great! I can help! However, they go on to tell me what they don't look good in, what doesn't suit their figure or colouring and what they can't wear. Do you see a pattern? All negatives! Yikes! 

We all have 'the old standby' outfit...the one that is (that dreaded word) safe. Trust me: I have one as well. My point is, while it's lovely to have a type or style of clothing we feel good in, it's always good to branch out and try something (gulp) different. 

That's why shopping vintage is so much fun: You can try on all kinds of silhouettes and styles in one place. So many folks come into the store, find their usual style and go no further. When I suggest another frock to try on, they often laugh and say things like, "I could never fit into that!", "That will not suit my figure!" or "Well- I'll try it, but it won't look good on me!" I have to say, they are sometimes (and quite often) amazed at how branching out and trying on the 'unthinkable' can make them feel: Radiant.

This is my point: We are all beautiful and deserve to look and feel our best. When someone complements you, say "Thank you"...even if you don't agree. Remember: If someone takes the time to tell you how attractive you are, it must mean it's true

I love what I do each and every day because I get to see my clients recognize their sparkle. How lucky am I?! 

Confidence and bringing out the essence that is uniquely 'you' is infectious. People love and respect those who embrace themselves, and it therefore opens up a cascade of possibilities for others as well. The world can be grey, black and white all it wants...but you can be the splash of colour that dances its way into the monotony and shakes things up a bit. How much fun!

I was once told to wear black, to fade into the woodwork as others shopped in the store. Good advice if you want to be safe. I have tested out this theory...and because I felt 'ho hum' about my attire, my clients weren't inspired to try something new themselves. So- I started wearing pieces outside of my own comfort zone: 1970's maxi dresses with colours and patterns beyond my usual greys and black. I won't lie: I felt ridiculous at first, but it quickly vanished! I felt more energy, sparkle and youthfulness- and I was far more approachable, as many wanted to latch on to that shine. If I could wear it- so could they!

I encourage you all to try stepping out of that comfort zone. Wear that amazing scarf with the crazy pattern you bought on a whim and never wore because you felt it was 'too much'. Dig into the back of your closet for that (gasp) mustard coloured dress you bought with your crazy friend who talked you into buying it three years ago. It's dying to be worn! Embrace the essence that is you and give it a boost. People will notice and appreciate it- and you'll feel amazing!

As I type, I am excited at the possibilities for every one of you. Share your stories with me: I love to hear them! Share your experiences with friends, colleagues and your kids. Fashion really is universal: We all appreciate a great piece of clothing. More importantly, we appreciate the individual wearing it.

Time for me to get dressed for the day....hmmm....perhaps I'll wear sunshine yellow on this rather grey day. Maybe the ducks will let me play in the puddles with them! 

Rachel Behling
Rachel Behling


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