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Happy New Year Friends and Family of Auburn Vintage Clothiers!

This is the first official Blog for Auburn. Time to get acquainted with you- so I will give you the story of the store in does that sound? 

Auburn has been in the works for many years without me even knowing it. It is certainly a passion that has in some amazingly wonderful way become my work. Here is the beginning of my story:

As a young girl, my friends would come over to my house and we'd play dress up. The home I grew up in had the most amazing attic, and we'd all gallop up to the third storey to see what kind of treasures we could find. 

I can remember taking an antique wicker push chair out to the yard and parading each other around in it. We would wear old lace shawls, bonnets, gloves and strings of pearls, pretending to be doddering, fragile old ladies, dramatically wiping our eyes with the troubles of life. 

This was a weekly event.

For years and years (and members of my family can attest to this) I have bought vintage dresses, hats, handbags, scarves etc, etc that literally called my name..."Buy me! You NEED me!" I could hear them from aisles away in various Thrift Stores, garage sales and, in some cases, the attics or basements of friends and family.

I have kept these items and leant them out to many, but mostly had them to inspire me (and, to be honest, it's always nice to put a pretty dress on when one feels a bit down). Those who know me well are well aware of my obsession with pretty, funky, classy, 'interesting' frocks of varying eras and style. (Like I said, the clothes 'speak' to's like they are aching to tell me their stories).

After many ups and downs in my life, it was time to do something that made my heart happy. My daughter is growing up fast, and as a single Mom I could very clearly see my life without her one day as she goes out in the world to pursue her own goals and dreams. So- it was time to take a HUGE leap of faith and write a business plan. A WHAT??? Yes- a plan. That meant talking money and banks and insurance people and scary things like that....hmmm....maybe not.

However....inside my overstuffed closets came the muffled sound of a 1950's gown (or 10)..."Let us OUT! We want to be seen!" 

How could I argue with that?



Rachel Behling
Rachel Behling


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January 22, 2015

Your store is so sweet. We had such fun today playing dress-up. You are so helpful and kind, it’s a pleasure to have you in our area! Your store will be a regular stop for me. Looking forward to seeing the treasures you discover.

cindy weber
cindy weber

January 04, 2015

You should be so proud of yourself. It takes great courage to open a business and it also takes 100 percent of your time as well. You will do great and you are great!
Good luck and I will drop in when I am back from Mexico.

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