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Hello Dear Auburn Friends!

Another cold day here in Conestogo...but the sun is shining and all is well. 

I wanted to share what went on at the store last week because I think it's important to note that friends and community are so very important- no matter what industry you work in. 

I was approached only 2 weeks after the store opened by a group of ladies who thought it might be fun to have a 'Girl's Night Out' at the store- complete with a fashion show. Why not? They were enthusiastic, and were able to provide 6 models from their group on the spot. I quickly agreed- and am so happy I did!

The next few weeks brought 6 amazing women into my store. They had each volunteered to be models for the Girl's Night Out Evening. On average, I spent about 2 hours with each of them while they tried on as many outfits as their hearts desired. Great conversation, connection and fun! I felt so honoured that these busy, professional (not to mention all gorgeous) women would take the time to do this. It's what makes my work so much fun and rewarding.

The evening of the event came, and I was nervous: Would they like the store, enjoy themselves, like the pieces we had chosen to highlight? Thoughts of nobody showing, looks of disapproval, boredom were my worries to name a few.

I was wrong!

That evenng, the store was home to about 20 ladies who brought an energy to the store that was warm, supportive and heaps of fun. They were so encouraging of the models and of each other as they tried things on after the fashion parade. The models were fantastic, and as the evening went on I saw a comfort come over them that was truly magical. They all looked beautiful, but it was evident that they FELT beautiful- and believed the group when they complemented them. 

In a cold climate where our natural tendency is to hibernate and stay in, it might be safe to say that when given an opportunity to get out and be with friends- do it! We are all energized by fun, laughter and community.  I was lucky enough to see it transform the faces and demeanour of my beautiful guests...and hope to host another event like this again soon.

Thank you, dear ladies. It was a pleasure. 


Rachel Behling
Rachel Behling


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