Everyone Wants to be Audrey

Some days I think I should have called my store, "Everyone Wants to be Audrey." There are infinite number of reasons why I did not. However, I must say that many customers over the past few weeks have come in asking for precisely that look...Audrey.

We all hold her in very high regard- from her classic movies to her classic style. I can't tell you how many times I have watched Roman Holiday or Sabrina. Too many to count.

Audrey's movies and fashion popularity sends us back to a time when clothing was classic in line, style, fabric and 'essence.' She single-handedly brought the 'Little Black Dress' (LBD) to the forefront. 

The signature 'Audrey' silhouette takes more forms than just the LBD...she wore funky caftans, loud pantsuits and, yes, she even made fashion faux pas like all of us.

I want to point out that one of the reasons I am so drawn to Audrey is because of her infectious smile, zest for life and tremendous sense of 'moving on' from sadness and yes, heartache. Her life was not always easy-breezy. 

One of the reasons Audrey's waist was the size it was- was because she was severely malnourished as a child. It was not an ideal beginning for her. Her adult life was not always about Oscar Parties and clothing: She had numerous personal heartbreaks too. She remained gracious and composed through it all. 

The end of her life finally found her with the 'man of her dreams' doing philanthropic work with children, travelling to places less-than-idyllic to make a difference in the world to those far less privileged and broken. THIS is the Audrey I think about and wish to emulate.

She was a classy lady in looks, word and deed. She still stands out as one of the world's famous women. I am happy to know it isn't always about the looks- but much more importantly- her spirit. I am so glad it lives on.

Having said that, I think all of us would like to have a little "Audrey' sprinkled on us like fairy dust. Her 'Sparkle' was one-of-a-kind.



Rachel Behling
Rachel Behling


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