Love is in the Air

Hello dear Auburn Family,

Welcome February- with all its white winter splendour and crisp, cold days!

This is the time of year when the draggy days of January are behind us, and we can focus on this, the month of LOVE. Yes, folks, I am talking about cupid making an appearance in store windows everywhere you turn. Christmas seems like a long-ago memory, doesn't it?

Just last week I had customers in who were actively searching for wedding gowns and prom attire. As a new store owner, I recognized the excitement and anticipation of such events. It really is a great way to stay motivated when the weather is cold and relentless. What better way to spend some time than escaping for an hour or so to try on beautiful dresses and gowns? Mothers, daughters and friends could spend an entire afternoon trying on the magical pieces that were worn decades ago, yet remain timeless.

I now am pulling out all the dresses I sadly put away in storage before Christmas. I think it's time to let the chiffon, tulle and gauzy laces come forward to replace the heavy velvet gowns. Let's celebrate that Spring is just around the corner! 

There is a romance that goes along with vintage clothing and jewelry; one's mind wonders if their special 'find' was the dress the original owner was wearing when she said 'Yes' to the man of her dreams. There are many beautiful pieces at the store that I still get lost in, as I can imagine the bride who wore the gown with layers of soft chiffon and floated down the aisle on a beautiful spring day, blossoms from the cherry trees raining down on her as she went.....but I digress.

I invite you all to start thinking of Spring. Buy a hyacinth and drink in its lovely scent, change your screensaver to a photo of your favourite springtime memory, and if you really want to spend some time in another place, you are welcome to come try on some pieces that will allow you to escape and dream a little.

Rachel Behling
Rachel Behling


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