The Stories Continue- A Letter in the Pocket

Happy Wednesday everyone!

It is almost mid-way through February already- and I can't believe how the time flies!

One of the reasons I decided to sell vintage was because of the stories that come from the pieces I find. One's imagination can soar when you hold a lovely 1950's suit or tuxedo from the 1920's in your hand.

In a day and age where 'Downton Abbey' is all the rage, where ladies dressed for dinner in their finest and gentlemen wore specific jackets for the occasion, we find ourselves drifting back to that era. Of course, many of the pieces we see on televison and in movies are reproductions, but we can't help but drool over the beadwork, jewelry and exquisite fabric in all its splendour as it sparkles in the candlelight.

I have a tuxedo here at the store that has a letter in its breast pocket. I came across it when I was steaming the ensemble. The writer in me wanted to open it up and read the message. However, I hesitated and let it be. I think about that letter often and have yet to open it...perhaps a special occasion or when my curiosity gets the better of me.

The point is, these pieces have lived- I mean, really lived. Perhaps the gentleman who owned the tux was thwarted by his finacee on their wedding day. The letter is her refusal and note of apology. He was so distraught that he went into a life of mourning- never to wear the tuxedo again. 

Or- Perhaps it is a congratulatory letter upon the aquisition of the large corporation the gentleman had been waiting for. He had hastily put the letter into his pocket and ordered champagne for his colleagues. They toasted their success, and he was far too rich to ever wear the same tuxedo again.

The mind wonders.

What facinates me about the pieces that surround me each day is that they are waiting to go out into the world and be part of new stories. Many of them are conversation pieces in and of themselves...I have at least two wedding gowns that have never been worn, yet were made by-hand with love. What happened? We create stories and memories, giving the clothing a soul. I can only imagine who their next owners will be, what they'll do and what magic can come from the new relationship.

There is a whole store full of stories here. I encourage you to come listen. One may even speak to you...better yet, you may find a letter in its pocket.


Rachel Behling
Rachel Behling


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