Spring and 'Average' or 'Beautiful'

Happy Spring!

Spring is in the air here at Auburn! It's just so lovely to hear the birds singing and see the grass getting greener by the minute.

With Spring comes a wonderful influx of people looking for new 'duds' for the warmer months. One of the many fantastic things about vintage clothing is the variety of styles for spring and summer. Classic skirts, day dresses, colourful pant suits and, of course, white linen suits!

I am so excited by the magic created when a young lady dons a classic 1950's prom dress and it fits perfectly. Add the crinoline (because, why not?)- and her face lights up. It's then that I know she has found the perfect piece for her special day. THIS is why I love what I do.

We recently had our second fashion show here at the store. It was so much fun to see the models show their favourite pieces from the store. As soon as they put the outfits on, they come alive! The attendees had a super time watching timeless beauties waltz by. I think they really felt encouraged to mix vintage in with their every day wardrobes. It's not as difficult as we think. 

Wearing vintage clothing gives the wearer an instant 'atmosphere'- and it's truly beautiful. Women look younger in colour...trust me. 

Recently I watched a Dove commercial that showed women faced with the challenge of entering buildings through doors marked 'Average' or 'Beautiful.' The moment of hesitation and inner turmoil was evident in almost every single woman across the globe (one woman shook her head and promptly decided not to enter the building at all). 

A few things came to me while watching:

My first thought was, of course, what would I have done ? (I have a sneaky suspicion I would have been right behind the woman who walked away- sad-but true- I have a long way to go too!) A woman literally dragged her teenaged daughter through the 'Beautiful' path and a group of women linked arms and faced 'Beautiful' together as well.

Not many chose beautiful on their own.

Why is that?

My guess is that we are inclined to think that feeling beautiful is vain or 'full of' oneself. I think we are wrong. Feeling beautiful is confidence in our own skin. The really cool thing is that confidence in ourself breeds confidence in others. And so the cycle of Beauty begins. 

Another thought came to me: What if there was only a 'Beautiful' door? Would women have turned away completely, or bravely marched through? Would they have desperately searched for any door without a marked entrance?

Why, oh why are we so quick to help others see their own beauty  and yet turn inside out when we are faced with 'Beautiful' or 'Average'? I say- get rid of the 'Average' altogether!

I implore you all to mentally place the 'Beautiful' sign across each and every door you enter through. Do it with confidence and courage- and soon you will believe it. 

Rachel Behling
Rachel Behling


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