My Secret and a story of Encouragement

Happy Summer!

This is my favourite time of year- when the days are long and evenings are perfect for long strolls and conversations by candlelight on the patio. It's a time for many to take a deep breath and remember all they are thankful for.

Summer is also the time for  celebrations- particularly weddings. Many clients are coming in to Auburn looking for a special piece to wear for such an event. I absolutely love seeing someone emerge from the fitting room, a look of delight on their face when they see themselves in the mirror. Exclamations of "I feel pretty!" and "Wow- the pilates class really does pay off!" can be heard by many. This is the season where fresh fruit and vegetables are in abundance- and we all just feel GOOD! 

I often wish I could bottle up all this beautiful energy to savour November-March...sigh

It is evident that we become very 'aware' in the summer. Perhaps it's time off and a bit of 'slow-down'...but I also believe it is a time to reflect. This is where nostalgia comes in...

Certain clothing brings about nostalgic feelings for most of us. I can't begin to explain how many women see the bridal section in the back of the store and begin to talk about their own gowns- where they are, whether they fit anymore and sometimes I get to hear that they wore their grandmother's gown and that their own daughter is going to carry on that tradition. Wow. Lots of precious memories there.

Just as special to witness is the young women who come into the store and start dreaming about their own wedding. They touch the gowns in awe and with a sense of respect. It's like there is a whisper of "Not Yet. Be patient" in the air. They move on- at least for now.

I watch all these people come and go, leaving shimmerings of their essence. At the end of each day, I am so thankful for the people who grace this place with their presence.

Having said that- the life of a sole-proprietor is lonely at times. Sometimes the dedication to each piece feels inadequate in comparison with a career that could change the world in a far bigger way. I may even lose sight of why I do what I do- and whether or not it's important.

Then something happens to bring me back...

I have a secret. 

I want to write. Not necessarily be a writer of novels, screenplays or any blockbuster. I just want-to-write.

In all the flury of starting the store, sourcing pieces, steaming, mending, cleaning and accounting, I forgot why I really wanted this life: To give me the opportunity to be with my sweet daughter as much as I still can and to write my thoughts down daily. This store gives me inspiration for that. But- I forgot.

A few weeks ago, someone came to see me and handed me a book full of blank pages. Audrey's face grinned at me from the cover.

"You are a writer. Write." 

So I am.

Thank you for reminding me, dear friend.

The signs are all there for you to pursue your goals, friends. Listen to those who know your heart and value your worth. Remember to tell those you love how much they mean to you and include them in your life. Be an encourager.

This store is my chance to pursue my dreams on many levels. I will re-read this blog to remind myself why I created all this in the first place.

I hope this has inspired you in some small way today. 

Rachel Behling
Rachel Behling


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July 29, 2015

Beautifully written! Thank you for sharing and inspiring!

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