Story Behind the Dress

Happy 2016 dear friends of Auburn! 

Welcome to February- the official month of love and romance. With chilly days and Valentine's Day quickly approaching, we are reminded of that special someone who makes our heart beat faster and makes life complete. Of course, many proposals and engagements occur at this time of year, and I am always so thrilled to hear people's exciting news when they come into the store looking for the perfect gown.

When I first started putting my business plan together a couple years ago, one of my goals was to provide each customer with a  printed story about the piece they were purchasing. This is no tall order- and I very quickly realized that it just wasn't possible- despite my good intentions. The beautiful intention is still in the back of my mind- and I do often have the chance to verbally tell customers about where their purchase has come from etc.

Another aspect of the 'story behind the piece' brings me back to something I have written about before: The clothes sometimes 'speak' to me-or I have a special bond with them, and a story of their past weaves a tale in my imagination.

I especially feel a connection to wedding gowns. Perhaps it's the  little girl in me that wants to believe in true love, perhaps it's the love I see in the beautiful couples who come to the store and share their excitement...regardless, I am a hopeless believer in finding that special someone who seeks only your eyes in a room of crowded strangers.

For instance, the gown in the photo accompanying this missive is very special.

In my imagination, this is what I see:

The original bride's style was classic, simple and traditional. It's lovely, yet simple, detatchable train begins at the shoulder (very popular for the time) and is chapel length. With these details in mind, I imagine a church wedding, attendants dressed in the palest of yellow shift dresses, daisies and baby's breath. The father-of-the-bride cried (but don't most of them?!) The train was then removed, leaving a gorgeous gown on its own, as the bride visited with guests and drifted through the day in happiness. 

Back to reality.

As weddings cost more and more with every year, brides are turning to the beauty of vintage gowns for their special day, and with that choice comes a very unique gift: a dress with a story of it's very own that is one-of-a-kind.

Considering vintage for special occasions is a personal choice. It may just be the lace that attracts the bride-to-be, and yet it is still a piece of history she can work with at an affordable cost to get the perfect gown that sparkles as much as she does.

Rachel Behling
Rachel Behling


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