Announcing New Hours and Auburn Appointments!

Happy Summer, everyone!

My job as Curator of the Auburn Collection is such a joy—and now, after four years, I see how the nature of retail continues to change. Early this year I realized that it’s all because of one simple reason: Time.

Our world has changed so much in the last decade, so it really shouldn’t be a surprise that there might be new ways to share vintage clothing with you. Workdays of 9am-5pm are not the norm. Shift-work, working-from-home and constant travel bring clients into the store at varying times. I’ve often felt that if I could I’d be open 24-7, just to make sure people get the time they need to shop!

Another observation I‘ve made is that in a store like Auburn, where no two items in the shop are alike, it takes twice (if not thrice the amount of time) for a die-hard vintage lover to fully experience what we carry. As much as the puzzle pieces often fit together, and a client finds the perfect match—there are likely even more options for them … if only they had the elusive ‘time’ to stay an extra 15 minutes. But, work, family and life beckon.

I‘ve noticed that people “pop in for a quick look”—only to realize that they need an hour to see it all. Shopping for vintage on-the-fly rarely works for anyone.

So I’ve been wondering, what can I do to serve you better? How can I make the experience even more meaningful?

It’s become apparent to me that vintage needs to be experienced in a thoughtful, personal manner. In a number of instances over the last four years a client has let me know in advance that they were looking for something special. I then had the chance to get it ready for them—along with a few other options— and the experience was personal and extra special.

That’s why I’m excited to announce that Auburn is now offering Appointments Monday through Wednesday! By signing up for an Appointment you’ll have the opportunity to have items specifically curated for you by me. You’ll get one-on-one service, where we can focus on things such as which silhouette, era and colours work best on you. You’re also welcome to bring some friends along and have an exclusive shopping experience where you have the store all to yourselves and make a night of it! The possibilities are endless and exciting!


Call now to book your appointment (226-791-0522)!

If you want to stop in without an appointment, Auburn will still be open to browse the collection Thursday and Friday from noon until 7pm and Saturdays 11am-5pm. Sunday is still our Family Day—so we’re closed.

As always, please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions. I look forward to this new journey together, and hope to see you soon!

Rachel Behling
Rachel Behling


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Nikki Laskin
Nikki Laskin

July 26, 2018

What a perfect set up – great idea and a wonderful experience for those that want that time that meets with their schedule!

Virginia Rescorla
Virginia Rescorla

June 30, 2018

💐💐 wonderful idea

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