Construction: A True Adventure!

Good morning!

It's a rainy, thundery day here in Conestogo- but our spirits are high and Nat King Cole is crooning in the background (specifically 'Smile'- so how could one possibly not feel compelled to do simply that?!).

Our first week and a half of construction has been a very interesting adventure for this Vintage Girl. Here is a list of what I've learned so far:

-Coming to work is a little like a "Choose Your Own Adventure". There is always a way to get to the store, you simply have to brave the construction crew or take a side-road...every day is a bit different depending on what the crew is working on at that particular moment.

-Proper footwear is important. I made the mistake of wearing white shoes to work the first day of construction (I defy all 'rules' that white should only be worn in certain seasons). Yes- WHITE. With heels. Talk about looking like Bambi on ice as I walked across the torn up street- thank goodness it wasn't raining!

-Chandeliers sway. No-I wasn't re-mounting a production of 'The Phantom of the Opera'. On a day where there was significant 'tampering' going on outside, I looked up to see my heirloom treasures dancing away. But- fear not! They are still intact and disaster was averted.

-I have the best Customers- ever! So many folks have been wonderfully supportive and keen to help as they can. Honestly, a kind word, offer to pass along photos or telling friends about the store is so appreciated. I feel honoured to be here everyday, bringing some beautiful pieces to people's lives.

Has business slowed down? Yes. Am I still worried? Yes. However, I am positive that this, too, is another learning curve for me. I've already started wearing my Wellingtons to work....I'm just working on 'Vintage-ing Up'my hard hat.

More to come...

Rachel Behling
Rachel Behling


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