Party Time A La Vintage!

Hello dear Vintage Kindred Spirits!

It's a beautiful sunshiny day, and I've been thinking about all the fun gatherings that take place in the warm summer months. It's a time to celebrate and gather together- and is by far the most sociable season.

Are you looking for a venue for a fun evening or afternoon with friends? Look no further, because Auburn is the place to be!

Since opening the store, I've hosted many private gatherings that include a tailor-made fashion show for guests. Themes have included fun ideas such as 'Vintage Sparkle', 'How to Incorporate Vintage into your Everyday Wardrobe', 'A Walk Down Memory Lane' and 'Vintage Bridal'. Whatever your interest, we can suit your needs! Plus, shopping Vintage is a great way to save the world; it's eco-friendly and lessens the load of sending tons of clothing to landfills.

If any of the above interests you and your friends/family- a private party at Auburn is for you! It's relatively no work for you either! All you need to do is invite anywhere between 5-20 people, bring fold-up chairs and your own munchies. The fee: Free!

A typical evening consists of a fashion show complete with commentary and question/answer time, followed by a chance for you and your guests to shop. The store is all yours to have fun, visit and try some vintage beauties on. 

I've hosted close to a dozen parties to-date, and each one has been a hit! 

If you have any questions or would like to book a Vintage Gathering, please call me at 226-791-0522 or email

Thanks again to all of you for the support through the construction warm my heart!

Rachel Behling
Rachel Behling


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