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It's a new week here at Auburn, and I must say that my heart is overflowing with love for you all, dear Auburn Family. What an outpouring of love, support and community! I am truly overwhelmed and grateful!

I remember writing the poem below when the 'Journey of Construction' first began:

Ode to a Construction Sign

O, sign with letters black and red
Why dost thou fill this girl with dread?
A message of caution for all to know,
foreshadowing many months of woe!
Yet- wait! Behold! A gleaming light!
Just down a few blocks and to the right,
A lovely store with lights aglow
Is open for business and won't let things slow.
The words may say "closed" but please, fear not,
The crews have found a special spot
For you, dear Clients, young and old
Auburn remains open-brave and bold!

Despite my humourous 'ode'- it has been a trying time-in some ways, much more difficult that I anticipated...but we're on the homeward stretch.

Words really can't express my gratitude to all the beautiful souls who came into the store last week. The words of encouragement, positive thoughts and hugs of friendship were incredible. It felt so warm and happy in the store! (I have a sneaky suspicion my vintage dresses may have come alive to celebrate on their own after-hours as well!).

Keep talking- keep supporting the dear little shops in your area. You'll meet new people, support your neighbours and, like my clients, help the small business owners survive that which is beyond their control. Every little bit counts. As I have said from the beginning- I consider it a successful day if even one person walks into my shop. Thanks to you all- perhaps there will be many, many more days to come for this Vintage Girl and her dream.

My dear little vintage bell danced away last weekend...Tinkerbell and I thank you!


Rachel Behling
Rachel Behling


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Bev Wiens
Bev Wiens

September 07, 2017

Sorry unable to see you but hope things clear up very soon. You are a very special gal. Much love!!!

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